Category: Reconnective Healing


9-JAN-2020 10:30 I wanted to cover this healing session as well after so many folks asked me about the first one.  I touched a little bit on this quick session in the last words of the kidney stone healing last week but wanted to get a little deeper into the details. This session once again […]


18-DEC-2019 11:30 Okay, so this is a little different than a normal healing session and it was the first time that I’ve ever tried this on anyone so bear with me here.  This really was a special occasion since my day job takes me to a number of businesses around the 1000 Islands area, I […]


18-SEP-2019 16:30 Ivy’s second session was interesting to say the least. This time twitching was very evident and in my own hands I could feel a something else in the room along with me this time. This seems to happen more and more now that I’ve been working with the Personal Reconnection points. I know […]


19-MAR-2019 16:30 This session was interesting because Ivy has slept no more than about four hours every night for 20 years. At times I could feel myself being pulled in many directions. Ivy had many registers in both her eyes and head. At one point her head darted back pushing her nose upward but then […]