9-JAN-2020 10:30

I wanted to cover this healing session as well after so many folks asked me about the first one.  I touched a little bit on this quick session in the last words of the kidney stone healing last week but wanted to get a little deeper into the details.

This session once again was one of those out-of-the-ordinary moments when a client/friend asks to try something/anything to help out with symptoms or something far worse.  I’m not above asking anyone how they are feeling and usually if it’s painfully obvious I am always ready to help where I can.  After seeing the swollen neck and face of this poor lady I promptly mentioned that she would probably be better off home in bed but since her job demands were not allowing this to happen she was stuck working through this pain and sleep deprivation continued.

Ivy looked at me and jokingly said, “Trevor, since you did something to (Ivy) a few weeks ago…, work your magic, so this can go away.  I’m in so much pain, I haven’t slept and my uvula is sitting on the back of my tongue so I always feel like I’m going to gag.  The pain is so much that It’s hard to swallow”.  At this point I’m thinking, “okay, so that sucks, but how are these energies going to handle infection this great, I’ve really only done sessions to help out other issues but never infections…heck that kidney stone was likely a one-off…”.  In my usual manner, I said, “I have no clue if this will help but we did have some luck with the kidney stone a few weeks ago, again, I can’t promise anything but, I’ll certainly try”.

So Ivy turned to me in her chair and I sat down next to her and both of us leaned forward so that I could bring my hands close to her neck.  I mentioned that I won’t be placing my hands on her but that she may begin to feel something soon.

After about 10 seconds of bringing my hands close to her neck I could feel this intense burst of heat and tingling in both of my hands.  If you could only know that feeling (I hope you do someday) but I’m so used to it now that it doesn’t really phase me too much.  I will say that it’s nice to constantly be reminded of something working since it took me a long time to believe in any of this.  As we continued to work with the energies, Ivy began to shake her head a little bit and she began to swallow.  As she did, she was able to for the first time without intense pain.  The other fascinating comment was the fact that her uvula was no longer swollen to the point where it was sitting on the back of her tongue. After about 5 minutes we decided it was time to end the session and let her body heal.  For the first time in a matter of days, her infection was beginning to subside.  Now this didn’t mean that she was symptom free but it did manage to take away the horrible pain and uvula swelling.  Also, her body was finally so relaxed that all she wanted to do was sleep.

That afternoon Ivy went to her doctor for further testing and thankfully they were able to complete a swab for possible strep throat.  It turns out that she had a quick test completed a few weeks beforehand and found nothing however, without a proper swab and lab tests it’s sometimes difficult to tell.  That night Ivy was able to sleep soundly and when she woke up her symptoms hadn’t worsened.  In fact Ivy mentioned that she didn’t need to take a powerful pain killer prescribed by her doctor until the later the next day.

As a follow up it turns out that Ivy did have strep throat however, since antibiotics were prescribed for something else (because the initial quick test showed no strep), her infection managed to spread and infect her throat, cervical lymph nodes and uvula.  She did manage to take a photo of her throat over the holidays and the lump on the side of her neck was unreal.  Thankfully the antibiotics this time helped clear up the initial infection and she was able to feel better.

So what do we take from this?  Well, it turns out that we were fortunate enough to substantially lower swelling and in turn her pain after a quick five minute session.  This was the second quick session work I’ve done and so far we’ve been successful.  Thankfully Ivy managed to push for more tests and was able to get some antibiotics for strep.  I have been through it myself and wouldn’t wish that pain on anyone.  I’m just glad I could lend and hand and bring down swelling and pain.

I’m excited to have another quick session at some point but still prefer our 35 minute one-on-one sessions.  My next log will be about a client who’s very trusted in our community when it comes to yoga and eastern practices.  It was so much fun and always good to hear some of the fun these energies have with technology in the days and weeks afterward.  One thing I will mention was that closer to end of our session showed an intensity that I’ve never seen before with eye movement and body convulsions.  It was extreme to say the least.