19-MAR-2019 16:30

This session was interesting because Ivy has slept no more than about four hours every night for 20 years. At times I could feel myself being pulled in many directions. Ivy had many registers in both her eyes and head. At one point her head darted back pushing her nose upward but then relaxed. I remember Ivy opening her eyes at one point and looking directly at my as my hands were feeling the energy above her head but as she looked at me and I responded with a ‘hi’, she simply closed them and went back to her session. Later I found out that she didn’t remember doing that at all which was a first for me. Ivy’s body had many more registers like feet moving, eyes darting, legs twitching – the usual registers to let me know her body is allowing the frequencies in. 


What did you observe?

Ivy: I found it hard to lay still. Usually I’m thinking about how long do I have left? At times I felt like I was opening my eyes but I know I wasn’t. I felt like I was seeing something. I kept telling myself to, “completely relax, relax Ivy”. 

Me: It may be difficult to do but if you are able to leave that mindset behind and simply allow the session to happen without any expectations you’ll have a much better experience. The more you push yourself or ‘try’ for change, the less likely you are to have a more heightened experience. You will always receive a healing, that’s not a question but your session will be far more powerful when you are able to let your mind be.


This session was interesting in its own right since I’ve never had the opportunity of meeting anyone with such extreme sleep patterns. I could sense Ivy’s hope for an immediate healing but reminded myself and her that at times there are other factors involved when a healing session takes place. You see, your mind, body and or spirit may have hundreds of other steps to repair before you begin to see that healing you were hoping for. This is a hard thing to except sometimes not only for my clients but also for me since my ego gets in the way and I hope for immediate changes – those a-ha moments really. 

Recently i’ve put some time into completely removing my ego from each healing session and I’m happy I have. With my empathic trait, I would sense strong emotions – hoping for something beautiful, some immediate improvement – and then I would put more focus on this one area of my client. Really push myself to feel that energy, to guide it. Eric reminds us that we are observing each session. We never guide anything. We are the catalyst not the conduit. These frequencies are the conduit – bringing light and information onto the earth and into our clients. There are really three parts to each session. My client, myself and God (God, source, light, love, whatever you want to call it). Each one has a part to play and when I get my ego involved then there’s four and that’s not helpful. In fact, if my client’s ego gets involved then it’s five parts. If we live in a state of expectancy and not expectation then amazing things will happen. Instinctively everyone knows what to do here but when one or more of us push too hard, we get in the way. We are spiritual beings having a human experience and sometimes our logic and ego get in the way. If we are able to control this or remove it completely just think of how amazing our lives could be in every aspect. 

Follow Up

Ivy did manage to sleep an extra few hours that night in fact she even curled up with beside her husband at one point and fell asleep which has never happened before. I’m not sure what Ivy’s next step in her journey may be but I’m hopeful she will begin to sleep.