18-SEP-2019 16:30

Ivy’s second session was interesting to say the least. This time twitching was very evident and in my own hands I could feel a something else in the room along with me this time. This seems to happen more and more now that I’ve been working with the Personal Reconnection points. I know I’ve mentioned it in the past but people keep asking me about this and I simply say what I sense, which is something or someone just out of my peripheral on my left side. Almost as if I moved quickly to my left, something would come into view. It’s very weird. It’s not uncomfortable but at this point with everything that happens to me daily now, nothing really surprises me anymore. I just take it all in stride. Ivy has a dead nerve in her left leg moving from her butt down through her left leg but this time, she felt it firing. After watching both feet move a lot I had a feeling something must be happening with her leg but I always try to push those thoughts out of my mind and just be – that way I’m not trying to focus these frequencies. 


What did you observe?

Ivy: Lots of muscle twitching the whole time and the energy would follow the pathway from my butt all the way down to my leg and back up again. You probably couldn’t see it but inside the muscles were twitching up and down again. Every time I felt like I floating away, that sensation would come back again, it was distracting but not painful or anything. It’s very cool because they are muscles that don’t normally twitch. 

Me: Okay, what else?

Ivy: It definitely felt like I was floating. Last time I felt like I had moved but this time I couldn’t feel the bed underneath me. I kept swallowing a lot and I felt like a few times I needed to take a deep breath because it felt like I forgot to breath. That was interesting, I don’t usually forget to breath. It felt like my feet were moving. 

Me: Both of your feet were moving. Your big toe moved a lot. 

Ivy: That’s interesting because it was all of my outside nerves that were twitching. I also kept seeing a rose colour.

Me: Your eyelids were fluttering a lot

Ivy: It was just the weirdest sensation in my nerves because I don’t have sensation there, so to have it fire there is just the weirdest feeling. It feels like it’s someone else’s body. It’s not painful but I feel like it should be. 

Me: Ha ha, so you want the pain?

Ivy: No, it’s just that only sensation I’m used to, so to actually have that, it feels like to muscles were trying to learn how to work properly. 

Me: Well, this is repairing DNA, so it doesn’t surprise me that you would have that sensation and those thoughts. When the body wants to heal, you forget what that feels like but it knows what to do. Remind me again what happened. 

Ivy: About 6 years ago a vertebrae poked out and pinched my nerve and I never got the sensation back once they released the pressure from the disc. The only time I ever feel anything in that pathway is when they do electro-acupuncture – where they actually stimulate the muscle on the nerve. It never does it by itself – except when doing this. 

Me: Very cool. Do you feel anything right now? 

At this point I felt a sensation in my hands being pulled toward her left hip and just went with it. Hand over hand, I could feel the energy pulling my hands down and so I fought it and pulled back upward. At this point I could feel this sensation in the tips of my fingers as well and it kept getting stronger. 

Me: Your big toe is twitching. Are you doing that?

Ivy: Nope. 

Me: I’ve really got to video this sometime and show folks what happens. 

Ivy: It feels like you just turned up the dial. 

Me: It feels like my fingers are, you know when you slap something really hard and you have that painful tingling feeling? I have that feeling right now. 

Ivy: That’s like the muscle twitching that I have right now. It feels like the back of my leg wants to kick. 

Me: Well, I’ve never had anyone kick me yet but there’s always a first time. 

Ivy: It feels like the muscles are trying to move. You know when your muscles are doing their own thing? It’s like that but with less control. The weird thing is that I don’t feel anything on my right side, It’s only my left. 

Me: The body compensates and I often wonder whether I work on one side if it would be make any difference even though we are told to be conscious of working on the entire body since the energy knows where to go and what to do. 

Ivy: Well, I only feel it on the left side. My butt is literally clenching and relaxing. 

Me: Are you wiggling your toes at all?

Ivy: No. It feels like your pressing on my knees, right above my knee. It’s like my leg wants to move up to your hands. It’s so weird. 

Me: Yes. Yes, it is. Wow, your whole body just twitched there. 

Ivy: Ya. Wow. 

Me: We’ve got a few points that we would normally hit during the Personal Reconnection and as I’m going over a few of those now it’s interesting to see how your body reacts to it. 

Ivy: Whatever you did there, It’s like a little heart beat in my ankle. 

Me: I can feel it in my palms right now.

Ivy: It’s going down my leg right now. It’s moving by itself. 


This was just another amazing ride for me and Ivy. Each person and each session is so different and yet has similar moments. This work is just incredible and when I hear back after days or weeks that the sensations are still there in a leg that for years had no sensation without the use of electro-acupuncture, well, that tells me that I’m a part of something much bigger that myself and I’m never going to stop being amazed. 

Follow Up

Ivy was wearing heals today and she said that was something that she hasn’t done in a very long time. Also, that feeling of Zen comes and goes but when the stress does hit, the recovery time is less and less.