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Hi Todd

No, it’s Trevor. Trevor Todd. Yes, I have two first names, I know. Actually I have a middle name so I guess I have three. One of those options that my parents really had little choice, since my fathers last name is clearly Todd but ever since I was a little kid, I was called, ‘Todd. I’m sorry is it Trevor?’. I usually say, either or is fine. It is fun sometimes to correct people because it does make me sound like James Bond. Go ahead and say it, ‘Todd. Trevor Todd’. You said it, didn’t you?…Anyway, I’m a computer scientist, singer (more on that later), and Reconnective Healing Foundational Practitioner. This blog is my way of journalling the Reconnective Healing sessions with my amazing clients and hopefully together we can both learn more about these amazing frequencies and healing practice.

These posts are dated in order to help me follow my progress and my clients.  I will not use real names but I will mention whether the clients session is first second or third.  I have decided to replace female names with ‘Ivy’ and male names with ‘Jack’.  Any gender neutral persons I have yet to meet with, but when I do they shall be known as ‘Dove’, unless of course they can come up with a better name. At this point in my life, I’m not sure it matters to me whether there are genders or not, but for some, I know it’s somehow easier, so, I’ve kept it.  I’m open to pretty much anything at this point. I did this because I found that after reading these session logs, it just felt too clinical and dry to refer to these wonderful people as ‘the client’. So, if you want to follow my journey please understand that ‘Ivy’ is likely not the same lady being bombarded by these amazing frequencies in each blog post. She’s not being turned into some kind of super hero. She’s not going to be levitating, reading your mind or running faster than the Flash – although, that would be pretty freakin’ cool, so maybe I’ll just leave that open and hope for some cool stuff to happen. Also please note that my clients have allowed me to share these moments with you in this blog. Not all information will be shared because not all of my clients have given their permission – also some moments are very personal/private and I’ve found it best to have them tell their own stories to their friends and family if/when they choose to.


9-JAN-2020 10:30

I wanted to cover this healing session as well after so many folks asked me about the first one.  I touched a little bit on this quick session in the last words of the kidney stone healing last week but wanted to get a little deeper into the details.

This session once again was one of those out-of-the-ordinary moments when a client/friend asks to try something/anything to help out with symptoms or something far worse.  I’m not above asking anyone how they are feeling and usually if it’s painfully obvious I am always ready to help where I can.  After seeing the swollen neck and face of this poor lady I promptly mentioned that she would probably be better off home in bed but since her job demands were not allowing this to happen she was stuck working through this pain and sleep deprivation continued.

Ivy looked at me and jokingly said, “Trevor, since you did something to (Ivy) a few weeks ago…, work your magic, so this can go away.  I’m in so much pain, I haven’t slept and my uvula is sitting on the back of my tongue so I always feel like I’m going to gag.  The pain is so much that It’s hard to swallow”.  At this point I’m thinking, “okay, so that sucks, but how are these energies going to handle infection this great, I’ve really only done sessions to help out other issues but never infections…heck that kidney stone was likely a one-off…”.  In my usual manner, I said, “I have no clue if this will help but we did have some luck with the kidney stone a few weeks ago, again, I can’t promise anything but, I’ll certainly try”.

So Ivy turned to me in her chair and I sat down next to her and both of us leaned forward so that I could bring my hands close to her neck.  I mentioned that I won’t be placing my hands on her but that she may begin to feel something soon.

After about 10 seconds of bringing my hands close to her neck I could feel this intense burst of heat and tingling in both of my hands.  If you could only know that feeling (I hope you do someday) but I’m so used to it now that it doesn’t really phase me too much.  I will say that it’s nice to constantly be reminded of something working since it took me a long time to believe in any of this.  As we continued to work with the energies, Ivy began to shake her head a little bit and she began to swallow.  As she did, she was able to for the first time without intense pain.  The other fascinating comment was the fact that her uvula was no longer swollen to the point where it was sitting on the back of her tongue. After about 5 minutes we decided it was time to end the session and let her body heal.  For the first time in a matter of days, her infection was beginning to subside.  Now this didn’t mean that she was symptom free but it did manage to take away the horrible pain and uvula swelling.  Also, her body was finally so relaxed that all she wanted to do was sleep.

That afternoon Ivy went to her doctor for further testing and thankfully they were able to complete a swab for possible strep throat.  It turns out that she had a quick test completed a few weeks beforehand and found nothing however, without a proper swab and lab tests it’s sometimes difficult to tell.  That night Ivy was able to sleep soundly and when she woke up her symptoms hadn’t worsened.  In fact Ivy mentioned that she didn’t need to take a powerful pain killer prescribed by her doctor until the later the next day.

As a follow up it turns out that Ivy did have strep throat however, since antibiotics were prescribed for something else (because the initial quick test showed no strep), her infection managed to spread and infect her throat, cervical lymph nodes and uvula.  She did manage to take a photo of her throat over the holidays and the lump on the side of her neck was unreal.  Thankfully the antibiotics this time helped clear up the initial infection and she was able to feel better.

So what do we take from this?  Well, it turns out that we were fortunate enough to substantially lower swelling and in turn her pain after a quick five minute session.  This was the second quick session work I’ve done and so far we’ve been successful.  Thankfully Ivy managed to push for more tests and was able to get some antibiotics for strep.  I have been through it myself and wouldn’t wish that pain on anyone.  I’m just glad I could lend and hand and bring down swelling and pain.

I’m excited to have another quick session at some point but still prefer our 35 minute one-on-one sessions.  My next log will be about a client who’s very trusted in our community when it comes to yoga and eastern practices.  It was so much fun and always good to hear some of the fun these energies have with technology in the days and weeks afterward.  One thing I will mention was that closer to end of our session showed an intensity that I’ve never seen before with eye movement and body convulsions.  It was extreme to say the least.


18-DEC-2019 11:30

Okay, so this is a little different than a normal healing session and it was the first time that I’ve ever tried this on anyone so bear with me here.  This really was a special occasion since my day job takes me to a number of businesses around the 1000 Islands area, I happened in on a lady who is not only an employee of a client but I would say a good friend at this point.  From this moment on I’ll call her Ivy since that’s what I’ve been calling everyone of my female clients for privacy sake.

I came upon Ivy sitting in her office and as she turned slowly around to greet me, I could easily tell she was hurting.  I mean, you could tell by how slow and the redness in her face that pain was the only thing on her mind.  In my usual way I of course noticed this and had to ask.  It’s really in my nature to help anyone I see struggling – hell, I even help people that have been mean to me over the years, even while they’re being mean to me… Yet, I digress..  Ivy, is one of the most incredible people I’ve met. She’s been through a lot in her life and if/when you have the pleasure of meeting her, you’ll know that she doesn’t really ever show she’s upset or in pain.  I mean never, except today.  So as I said above, I asked.

Ivy was suffering from a kidney stone.  She told me this was a pretty big one and of course she was sick and in incredible pain.  Apparently she had been to the hospital a few days beforehand because she wasn’t able to get over the pain and sickness and so of course x-rays and other tests happened which lead them to a diagnosis.  At this point she jokingly said, so Trevor, do whatever you do and make this go away… Me being me I said, “sure”.  I really had no idea what I was going to do but thought well, let’s figure out where it is first of all and go from there.  Ivy said that it was right in her bladder and so I instinctively just put both of my hands over her bladder area about two feet away. Since she was clearly in an incredible amount of pain, I said to just stay in her chair and I would work from where I was standing.  I held one hand over the other and immediately my hands began to burn.  I don’t just mean the typical burn during a healing session when you’re on the massage table, I mean painful. I could also feel these sharp stabbing in the middle of my palms.  At times it was incredible to feel and even took me by surprise since it would be fine one moment and then it would just dig right in.  As I felt for the energies we talked.  I honestly can’t remember what we talked about but at times both of us could feel these jumps in energy and at times pain, which of course we both mentioned to each other during the session.  After about 4-5 minutes the sensations went away and I decided it was time to let it go and hope for the best.

At this point I had other clients that needed me and so I left that office and went on with my day mentioning that if she does feel anything different to please let me know.  Most folks are good at letting me know however, not to point any elbows but this particular lady is great at telling me things about three or four days after the fact which typically leaves me with that nagging voice in my head thinking that nothing worked…

This quick session happened on Wednesday and Ivy’s appointment to have that stone pulverized was on following Friday morning.  When Ivy went in to the hospital on Friday morning, the doctor wasn’t able to locate the stone and said that she must have passed it.  She in fact said that she hadn’t passed it since she’s certain she would have felt that.  Ivy also told me that about 20 minutes after working with her in her office that she felt better.  Most of the pain had subsided and her colour had come back to her face, in fact, one of her co-workers even wondered what she had done since she looked like she was back to normal.  The night she no longer felt sick and she was wondering what I had done.

At this point allow me to reiterate that I do not do anything to you.  Your body knows exactly what to do and I am simply a catalyst in this three-part equation.  I bring an energy vibration to a heightened level of what scientists have discovered is 333hz.  I bring your body in alignment with that energy light and information, and you do the rest.  I’m simply receiving these Reconnective Healing Frequencies and never sending anything to you.  That’s the amazing part about this work, I give you the chance to heal on your own.  Sometimes it’s incredible and exactly what my clients want.  Sometimes, it’s not what they want but more of what they need.  That’s a tough one to work out sometimes even for myself.  I want everyone to get what they want but at times, you may need something completely different in order to heal.  Healing isn’t removing symptoms – although it is incredible when that happens – it’s an evolution.  You evolve into what and where you are meant to be.

My next post will be somewhat similar to this quick session but Ivy this time has an infection so intense that her neck was swelled up so much that her uvula was sitting on the back of her tongue.


18-SEP-2019 16:30

Ivy’s second session was interesting to say the least. This time twitching was very evident and in my own hands I could feel a something else in the room along with me this time. This seems to happen more and more now that I’ve been working with the Personal Reconnection points. I know I’ve mentioned it in the past but people keep asking me about this and I simply say what I sense, which is something or someone just out of my peripheral on my left side. Almost as if I moved quickly to my left, something would come into view. It’s very weird. It’s not uncomfortable but at this point with everything that happens to me daily now, nothing really surprises me anymore. I just take it all in stride. Ivy has a dead nerve in her left leg moving from her butt down through her left leg but this time, she felt it firing. After watching both feet move a lot I had a feeling something must be happening with her leg but I always try to push those thoughts out of my mind and just be – that way I’m not trying to focus these frequencies. 


What did you observe?

Ivy: Lots of muscle twitching the whole time and the energy would follow the pathway from my butt all the way down to my leg and back up again. You probably couldn’t see it but inside the muscles were twitching up and down again. Every time I felt like I floating away, that sensation would come back again, it was distracting but not painful or anything. It’s very cool because they are muscles that don’t normally twitch. 

Me: Okay, what else?

Ivy: It definitely felt like I was floating. Last time I felt like I had moved but this time I couldn’t feel the bed underneath me. I kept swallowing a lot and I felt like a few times I needed to take a deep breath because it felt like I forgot to breath. That was interesting, I don’t usually forget to breath. It felt like my feet were moving. 

Me: Both of your feet were moving. Your big toe moved a lot. 

Ivy: That’s interesting because it was all of my outside nerves that were twitching. I also kept seeing a rose colour.

Me: Your eyelids were fluttering a lot

Ivy: It was just the weirdest sensation in my nerves because I don’t have sensation there, so to have it fire there is just the weirdest feeling. It feels like it’s someone else’s body. It’s not painful but I feel like it should be. 

Me: Ha ha, so you want the pain?

Ivy: No, it’s just that only sensation I’m used to, so to actually have that, it feels like to muscles were trying to learn how to work properly. 

Me: Well, this is repairing DNA, so it doesn’t surprise me that you would have that sensation and those thoughts. When the body wants to heal, you forget what that feels like but it knows what to do. Remind me again what happened. 

Ivy: About 6 years ago a vertebrae poked out and pinched my nerve and I never got the sensation back once they released the pressure from the disc. The only time I ever feel anything in that pathway is when they do electro-acupuncture – where they actually stimulate the muscle on the nerve. It never does it by itself – except when doing this. 

Me: Very cool. Do you feel anything right now? 

At this point I felt a sensation in my hands being pulled toward her left hip and just went with it. Hand over hand, I could feel the energy pulling my hands down and so I fought it and pulled back upward. At this point I could feel this sensation in the tips of my fingers as well and it kept getting stronger. 

Me: Your big toe is twitching. Are you doing that?

Ivy: Nope. 

Me: I’ve really got to video this sometime and show folks what happens. 

Ivy: It feels like you just turned up the dial. 

Me: It feels like my fingers are, you know when you slap something really hard and you have that painful tingling feeling? I have that feeling right now. 

Ivy: That’s like the muscle twitching that I have right now. It feels like the back of my leg wants to kick. 

Me: Well, I’ve never had anyone kick me yet but there’s always a first time. 

Ivy: It feels like the muscles are trying to move. You know when your muscles are doing their own thing? It’s like that but with less control. The weird thing is that I don’t feel anything on my right side, It’s only my left. 

Me: The body compensates and I often wonder whether I work on one side if it would be make any difference even though we are told to be conscious of working on the entire body since the energy knows where to go and what to do. 

Ivy: Well, I only feel it on the left side. My butt is literally clenching and relaxing. 

Me: Are you wiggling your toes at all?

Ivy: No. It feels like your pressing on my knees, right above my knee. It’s like my leg wants to move up to your hands. It’s so weird. 

Me: Yes. Yes, it is. Wow, your whole body just twitched there. 

Ivy: Ya. Wow. 

Me: We’ve got a few points that we would normally hit during the Personal Reconnection and as I’m going over a few of those now it’s interesting to see how your body reacts to it. 

Ivy: Whatever you did there, It’s like a little heart beat in my ankle. 

Me: I can feel it in my palms right now.

Ivy: It’s going down my leg right now. It’s moving by itself. 


This was just another amazing ride for me and Ivy. Each person and each session is so different and yet has similar moments. This work is just incredible and when I hear back after days or weeks that the sensations are still there in a leg that for years had no sensation without the use of electro-acupuncture, well, that tells me that I’m a part of something much bigger that myself and I’m never going to stop being amazed. 

Follow Up

Ivy was wearing heals today and she said that was something that she hasn’t done in a very long time. Also, that feeling of Zen comes and goes but when the stress does hit, the recovery time is less and less.




19-MAR-2019 16:30

This session was interesting because Ivy has slept no more than about four hours every night for 20 years. At times I could feel myself being pulled in many directions. Ivy had many registers in both her eyes and head. At one point her head darted back pushing her nose upward but then relaxed. I remember Ivy opening her eyes at one point and looking directly at my as my hands were feeling the energy above her head but as she looked at me and I responded with a ‘hi’, she simply closed them and went back to her session. Later I found out that she didn’t remember doing that at all which was a first for me. Ivy’s body had many more registers like feet moving, eyes darting, legs twitching – the usual registers to let me know her body is allowing the frequencies in. 


What did you observe?

Ivy: I found it hard to lay still. Usually I’m thinking about how long do I have left? At times I felt like I was opening my eyes but I know I wasn’t. I felt like I was seeing something. I kept telling myself to, “completely relax, relax Ivy”. 

Me: It may be difficult to do but if you are able to leave that mindset behind and simply allow the session to happen without any expectations you’ll have a much better experience. The more you push yourself or ‘try’ for change, the less likely you are to have a more heightened experience. You will always receive a healing, that’s not a question but your session will be far more powerful when you are able to let your mind be.


This session was interesting in its own right since I’ve never had the opportunity of meeting anyone with such extreme sleep patterns. I could sense Ivy’s hope for an immediate healing but reminded myself and her that at times there are other factors involved when a healing session takes place. You see, your mind, body and or spirit may have hundreds of other steps to repair before you begin to see that healing you were hoping for. This is a hard thing to except sometimes not only for my clients but also for me since my ego gets in the way and I hope for immediate changes – those a-ha moments really. 

Recently i’ve put some time into completely removing my ego from each healing session and I’m happy I have. With my empathic trait, I would sense strong emotions – hoping for something beautiful, some immediate improvement – and then I would put more focus on this one area of my client. Really push myself to feel that energy, to guide it. Eric reminds us that we are observing each session. We never guide anything. We are the catalyst not the conduit. These frequencies are the conduit – bringing light and information onto the earth and into our clients. There are really three parts to each session. My client, myself and God (God, source, light, love, whatever you want to call it). Each one has a part to play and when I get my ego involved then there’s four and that’s not helpful. In fact, if my client’s ego gets involved then it’s five parts. If we live in a state of expectancy and not expectation then amazing things will happen. Instinctively everyone knows what to do here but when one or more of us push too hard, we get in the way. We are spiritual beings having a human experience and sometimes our logic and ego get in the way. If we are able to control this or remove it completely just think of how amazing our lives could be in every aspect. 

Follow Up

Ivy did manage to sleep an extra few hours that night in fact she even curled up with beside her husband at one point and fell asleep which has never happened before. I’m not sure what Ivy’s next step in her journey may be but I’m hopeful she will begin to sleep.